Switching to solar panels from conventional energy sources is one of the best decisions you can make today. In the last decade, thousands upon thousands of homeowners and businesses have already made the transition and are now enjoying these amazing benefits.

  • Considerably reduced electricity bills
  • Virtually zero maintenance costs
  • Use of clean and renewable energy
  • Reduced carbon footprint

If you want to experience the same benefits, and so much more, you have come to the right place. Ionix Smart Solutions can provide you everything you need that has to do with solar energy. From providing simple solar panels for a DIY project all the way to installing a full-scale security system that runs solely on solar energy, we can do it all for you and at very competitive prices.

Why Choose Ionix

Solar panels are definitely the thing of the future. There are now many providers eager to meet the rising demand. However, not all solar panel systems are created equally and it is very easy to see why Ionix is the ideal choice.

Environment Friendly

Solar energy in itself is certainly an environment friendly source of power. But Ionix takes its commitment to the environment to a whole different level by using only green materials as much as possible. All processes at their facilities are designed to minimize carbon footprint.

Energy Efficient

Ionix provides a wide variety of choices when it comes to solar panel types. You can choose from different wattages, all of which have an impressive energy efficiency of about 20%, which is far better than the industry average. Our panels make use of advanced solar cell technology that maximizes the amount of energy it can create from every little bit of sunlight.

Flexible Payment Options

While solar panels cut considerable costs in the long run, it is no secret that the initial cost can be quite hefty. In order to reduce your burden on the upfront payments, Ionix offers flexible payment options that will allow you to enjoy the benefits of solar energy immediately even if you don’t have the cash to pay for the equipment outright.

Diverse Product Offerings

Our company specializes in the installation of solar panels for home and commercial buildings. We have panels of different sizes and different wattages. We also have a selection of portable solar panel systems that are designed for RVs and off-grid homes.

In addition, Ionix is also proud to offer a full smart security system for your home or office that includes door sensors and wireless cameras. Our systems easily connect to your mobile device so that you can monitor your property and have complete control regardless of where you are.

If you are still on the fence about going solar, we have numerous guides and videos that can help you make a decision. We can also give you a free online estimate and show you just how much you can save in the long run once you have solar panels installed on your roof.