Commercial versus Residential Solar Panels

Using solar energy as a primary or supplementary source of energy for a commercial establishment is something that every business owner should seriously consider. This change can bring about drastic improvements not only to the condition of the earth but also to business revenue, and that is definitely not a bad thing.

Compared to residential solar panels, a commercial panel is bigger by about 12 inches in width. This is due to the greater number of cells, which allow for the higher generation of electricity. On average, the panels designed for homes have 72 cells. Those that are meant for commercial use have 92 cells and can create more power.

Benefits of Going Solar

In the last few years, dozens of businesses all over the country have made the transition to solar energy. They have done major renovations and replaced their traditional roofing with massive solar panels.

Reduced Expenses

Electricity bills of commercial establishments make up a large portion of the monthly expenses for most companies. Even if you exert effort in increasing the energy efficiency of your workplace, there are just too many appliances and the cost is still high. By switching to solar panels, you can operate from the energy that comes from the sun, which is absolutely free. The savings that you get can be allocated to other areas of your business.

Excellent Return of Investment

One of the reasons why people are hesitant to make the transition to solar energy is the initial expense. Yes, it does cost a huge amount to install a new solar panel system but if you have the budget, it is worth going for it because it does have an excellent return on investment. Solar panels are basically maintenance-free and can last without the need for repairs for at least 25 years. Just imagine all the freed up funds that you can enjoy during that period.

Choosing the Right Solar Company

It is very easy to find professional solar panel installers these days. The service is already widely available in many parts of the world. But the quality of the service and the products vary tremendously. This is why you have to be very careful in choosing your installer. In some cases, solar panels may not even be a viable choice in the first place.

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