How Solar Energy Works

As most of us know, solar energy comes from the sun. It is a renewable energy that will never run out. With the use of solar panels, we can harness this energy and convert it into electricity. We can then use it to power our household appliances and other electronic devices.

Solar energy companies will usually install these panels onto the existing roof of a home. This is the most practical space because it is fairly large and gets the most direct exposure to sunlight.

The solar panels then collect the solar energy for as long as there is sunlight. Meanwhile, the photovoltaic or PV cell system converts this energy into usable electricity which is passed on to your home’s circuitry. Once in the circuit, it can be used to power your appliances. Excess electricity that you do not use will be stored in a battery backup, if you have one. Otherwise, the system will send it back to the utility grid for the community to use.

Advantages of Residential Solar Energy

The number of solar-powered homes has been increasing year after year. This is because of the huge benefits that solar energy can give to homeowners. There are dozens of benefits of solar energy but these are the top three cited by most homeowners.

Lower Electricity Costs

As soon as you start creating your own electricity, you will no longer have to use the power that comes from the grid. It would be wise to stay connected in case of bad weather, when the panels may not be able to collect enough solar energy. But on average, surveys show that homeowners reduce their electricity bill by as much as 75% after converting to solar energy.

Helps Reduce Carbon Emission

The process of generating electricity involves the burning of fossil fuels and the release of carbon into the atmosphere. This leads to the greenhouse effect that is very damaging to the earth. Solar panels, on the other hand, also produce electricity but do not result in these harmful effects. Solar energy is clean and green, and completely sustainable as well.

Higher Property Value

Installing solar panels on your home will increase the value of your property tremendously. Even if you just install a few panels, this is considered a major upgrade that will bring up your home’s value. The bigger the solar system you install, the more you can boost the market value of your home.

In the beginning, you will certainly have to spend a large amount for the purchase of the panels and the installation costs. But the return on investment is massive and certain. Besides, most solar panel companies now offer flexible payment terms and a number of installation options. This can definitely ease the financial burden of the initial cost, giving people easier access to solar energy.